For now until the foreseeable future, continue to keep it under 80 mph when you're driving in Virginia. The bill that sought to raise the state's threshold for reckless driving to 85 mph is now dead.

That's according to a legislative assistant from the office of Delegate Jeff Campbell, the Republican legislator who authored a bill that would have raised the speed at which one can be charged with reckless driving — a serious criminal offense that can land your ass in jail if you're a stupid idiot — to 85 mph.

The legislative assistant told Jalopnik in an email that the bill was tabled by the criminal law subcommittee this afternoon, rendering it "essentially dead for the remainder of the legislative session."


The reasons for this aren't immediately clear, but the bill was expected to meet with resistance from law enforcement, the insurance industry, and people who like the fact that Virginia penalizes speeders on the same level as animal abusers and sexual criminals.

Maybe next year, then. In the meantime, do not speed in Virginia.