When the Dodge Vipers won Le Mans oh so many moons ago, they wore red paint and white stripes. The SRT Vipers in the TUSCC series were silver and blue and bleh. But SRT is gone, Dodge is back, and what was once bleh is now crazy awesome.

With Chrysler's announcement that SRT will become more of an "M" division of the Dodge brand, the team is once again the Dodge Viper Racing Team, the cars are Dodge Vipers, and the livery goes from new school techo to Oreca Viper GT1 Le Mans awesomeness.


Dodge will have heritage race cars at the races from now on and will be tapping into that motorsports history more than they have in the past few years. In addition, Dodge is also looking into leasing Vipers to teams so that we can have more snakes infesting the race tracks of the world.

This pleases us. This pleases us very much.

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