Violent Idaho Hoons Issue Beat-Down After Truck Donuts Criticized

Stories like this one make us wish we could write like Kevin Hoover of the Arcata Eye (Warning: Do not click on that link if you need to get anything done during the next several hours!). Basically, what we got here is a pair of Idaho brothers straight out of Northwest Hoon Central Casting, right down to the red flannel shirts, pickup truck, and scrungy facial hair. John and Robert Rasho were minding their own business on a street in Kuna, Idaho, just spinning some donuts in their truck, not bothering nobody, when some killjoy neighbor came out and asked them to, like, knock it off. Next thing you know, you got one hospitalized killjoy, one impounded pickup, and two hoons in jail. (Hat tip to LTDScott!) [KTVB]


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