VintageRacer Sends Us Daytona Action Shots

We all enjoyed seeing VintageRacer's photos of his Datsun 510 in action. Now he's gone off to Daytona, where he took some great shots of the action in between stints of working on the Team Seattle Porsche GT3s. Make the jump for more photos, and for VintageRacer's description.


So I know this is probably a little late, but between computer issues at home, and sorting through the roughly 2100 pictures I took... I thought you might be interested in a few from this years 24 hours. I was there with Team Seattle - we ran a pair of Porsche GT3's. Both cars are sponsored per lap completed raising funds for Children's Hospital Pediatric Cardiac Care Center. This year they raised just about $450,000.00 , for a 12 year total of over 3.2 million.
The plan right now is to go to Le Mans in 2009.

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