Who Is The Worst Celebrity Car Owner?

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Celebrities are just like you and me other than the fact that they often have insane amounts of money and can buy whatever they want... except taste, skill, or sobriety. Which celebrity has committed the greatest crimes against carmanity?


I do not think that Guy Fieri is the worst celebrity car owner. In a way, his cars are just as flamboyantly tacky and yet, at the same time, shamefully appealing as his food. To assume that it's the yellow color that makes the Topkick truck somehow bad is roughly the same as claiming it's the honey dijon dipping sauce that undermines the sanctity of Fieri's "Awesome" Pretzel Chicken Tenders; if you're eating chicken fried in crushed sourdough pretzel served by an anthropomorphic yellow highlighter you should definitely just drizzle that shit on top.

But it makes for an appealing top photo. Do better in the comments below.

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