I don't know about you folks, but I have a strict policy in my car: I don't transport deadly, venomous snakes. Apparently some people in Vietnam don't have the same policy, especially this man that had 53 of them in his car.

Police in Hanoi seized 53 King Cobras (the snake, not the Ford) from a man yesterday and arrested him. Apparently he had them all in his car. But don't worry, the incredibly venomous snakes were kept in super safe green sacks which means there was only about an 85 percent chance of being bit.

The man was arrested, even though the snakes weren't his; He was reportedly just transferring them for someone else. It seems he was paid about $50 to transport them. I know I would've negotiated to get at least $1 per snake if I were in the reptile transportation business. Come on man, drive a hard bargain!

The snakes were all released into the wild once they were confiscated. So, if you're near Hanoi, keep an eye out for an angry hoard of about 53 deadly King Cobras that could sneak up and attack you at any second.

That's comforting.

(Hat Tip to Michael!)