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Video Of Minneapolis I-35 Bridge Collapse

Late in the day yesterday a bridge, part of I-35 over the Mississippi river in Minneapolis, collapsed, injuring and killing a number of commuters. The latest reports from the scene indicate the process has moved from a rescue operation to a recovery operation and estimates of up to 30 dead are stil being bandied about. CNN was able to snag themselves a copy of the tape from a security camera pointed directly at the bridge at the time of the collapse — here's that video, as shown this morning on the Today Show. No word yet on the cause, but we're told it wasn't terrorism — so we guess there's that. So, again, remember to thank your roadway today for either not exploding or not collapsing.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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I watched the traffic camera footage...the bridge just totally fails; the trusses bend like paper.

The Romans built arched bridges that still stand to this day after centuries...

Right beside the bridge that collapsed, there's another bridge...with ARCHES. Note how it's still standing (and will probably continue to stand for a long long time.)

Hopefully, future bridge construction will be informed by the past success of the arch, not bureaucratic penny-pinching.