Video of Honda's Transforming Rose Bowl Parade Float in Action, Shooting Flames

Remember the transforming Honda Ridgeline parade float for the Tournament of Roses parade we showed you last week? Yeah — you remember, the one piloted by Asimo the amazing super-robot from the number two super best awesome automaker from the land of the rising sun? Well, one of us actually woke up early enough yesterday to catch it in action during the parade. And oh, look — here it is. So hit the play button if you want to check it out in all of its awesome amazing astounding Asimo-piloted tailpipe flame-shooting power. We're going to take another couple of Advil here and call you when they kick in.

[via KTLA5]


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@Placebo: Jeez...Paw Paw, man? Sorry dude...

@1300ccsoffury: Yeah, I heard it too at the end!