A "treacherous" 550-foot-long tunnel on the I-5 near Santa Clarita, forty miles north of Los Angeles, CA, was the scene of a deadly truck crash yesterday. The flaming multi-truck crash has reportedly already taken the lives of three truck drivers and left almost a dozen injured. Apparently the truck-only stretch of freeway mixes three of the problems truck drivers most dread — darkness, blind spots and curves. According to the LA Times:

"Big-rig drivers say they dread the tunnel. Some call it the worst in the state. The traffic lanes curve left toward Los Angeles and then, abruptly, the drivers find themselves in the tunnel, blinded in the dark...the curve plays a big role, too. If you're going too fast, you're dead meat."

Note to self, if ever driving a truck near Santa Clarita — stay the heck away from California's I-5. In fact, better yet — don't even try driving a truck out there. And them's words to live by. [via LA Times]