Evo's Chris Harris takes a 458 Italia and a GT3 RS for a spin in what he claims is an exclusive. Don't know or care who Chris Harris is? Care about this: sideways 458!

Background: Siler and I both have a man-crush on Harris, and neither one of us is ashamed to admit it. (Well, maybe Siler, but then, he wears tight pants, so it's understandable.) I rode with him once, tearing across the Welsh highlands in a Renault Clio Renaultsport 197* at nigh-impossible speed. Trust me when I say this: Above all else, the dude can drive.


The video's second part can be found here.

*For the record, I want one of these. Badly. One of the best front-wheel-drive cars I've ever driven, and more giddy fun than a barrel of drunken surrendermonkeys.


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