VIDEO: Drew Barrymore In Jay Leno's Reasonably-Priced Electric Ford Focus "Race Car"

Jay Leno, in a bout of what we've gotta believe is advertiser capitulation, described the prototype electric Ford Focus to his first celeb-driver, Drew Barrymore, as an "electric Ford Focus race car." On what planet is this a race car?


Apparently on Leno's planet it is. But take a look at the video below — the Barrymore interview begins at the end of the second commercial break — about 24:00 minutes into the show. The actual drive on the Candyland-sized and -styled race track occurs after the third commercial break — or at about 26 minutes into the show.

All we know is we really like hearing Drew Barrymore say she likes feeling anything in her face. Also, we find it sad Barrymore doesn't have a license. Very sad.

But seriously, this is such a joke — it's nothing like "star in a reasonably-priced car — and that's why this'll never work. It's like a pandering version of it. Which, frankly, is sort of like Leno's humor.

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