Eric German is a 45-year-old "private security officer" who drives a work van, has a mustache, and wears muscle shirts. Is it any shock he broke four bones in a Middletown, Ohio police officer's face after being pulled over?

Click to viewThe muscley and violent Eric German can be seen here on video shortly after fleeing the scene of an accident on Thursday. Officer Jason Deaton attempts to arrest German to no avail. The mustachioed thug attempts to wrestle the officer, who reaches for his suddenly inoperable taser.

The attempted tasing makes German start punching Deaton in the face, quickly breaking four facial bones. The officer does his best to contain German until another officer shows up and successfully tases the 45-year-old.

He's now facing a van-full of charges including assault, resisting arrest, and fleeing the scene of an accident. He claims he has a disorder that makes him violent when he feels pain, but the judge wasn't buying it and set a $500,000 bond.

Seriously, don't punch police officers when you get pulled over. It doesn't end well for anyone. [NewsNet5]