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VIDEO: Danica Patrick, Hype Crash In First NASCAR Race

Illustration for article titled VIDEO: Danica Patrick, Hype Crash In First NASCAR Race

Danica Patrick crashed in a 12-car pileup in her over-hyped NASCAR debut at today's Nationwide race in Daytona. We may be done with Danica, but that doesn't mean NASCAR is. The hype goes on for the next two Nationwide races.


After finishing 6th in her ARCA stock car debut last week NASCAR decided to move up her series debut to today's DRIVE4COPD 300 race but, yeah, that didn't turn out so hot for her. She was racing in 21st place when Josh Wise spun, nicking Patrick's #7 Chevy Impala. She tried to avoid a full crash but she rubbed shoulders with Colin Braun before slamming into a wall as part of a 12-car pileup in the middle of the race.She was able to limp into the pits but her over-hyped grand entrance ended with disappointment.



Photo Credit: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

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I agree there's way too much hype about Danica Patrick simply because she's moderately attractive and can drive a race car, but I don't think I could write a headline with more implied snark than this one if I tried.

"Danica crashes in first race" grabs the uninformed reader with the implied notion that yes, just as you suspected, that dumb broad can't drive and crashed her car. "Danica taken out of first race by multi-car pileup" would be slightly more accurate, no?