Very First DOTS Car Up For Sale!

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When you have a '61 Mini and an '83 Toyota 4x4 pickup and you're dangerously close to building the first-ever VW-based kit car 24 Hours Of LeMons racer, you might need to shed a project.


That's what's going on with Black Metal V8olvo team member and four-time DOTS honoree WhatWouldJesseDo, and the car left standing when the music stops would appear to be his frighteningly original 1966 Datsun 411. Bring A Trailer has discovered Jesse's 411, which features Pininfarina styling and an engine based on the BMC B. Sort of a Japanese-Italian-British car here, and not something you see every day. This was the very first car in the Down On The Street series, so I'm hoping an Alameda-based buyer will pick it up and keep it on the island.

[Bring A Trailer, Craigslist]


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Spencer Williams

The 1960 Rambler posted a few days ago is for sale on craigslist as well for $2550. I posted a link to the ad in its post.