Verrr' Nice: Almaty, Kazakhstan To Get Bentley Dealership

Illustration for article titled Verrr Nice: Almaty, Kazakhstan To Get Bentley Dealership

The boys from Crewe are moving into the land of Great Success. Because everyone else is making lame Borat jokes, we'll spare you the pain. Jagshemash. [Bentley Motors]


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Lame Borat jokes? I thought they were so old they became retro ages ago.

This makes me think about the summer of 2008. I was having a roadtrip-holiday in Eastern Europe with some friends. We were in the lobby of some shabby hotel, when one of my friends returned from the toilet, and shouted to us with his best Borat impression "I had a good shiiit!", apparently under the impression the locals wouldn't understand his English Borat impersonation just like they didn't understand the Dutch we were speaking to each other. Obviously he was wrong. You should've seen the faces of the locals, and as a result the red face of the Borat impersonator himself. Hilarious. I'm still chuckling.