Vermont Prisoner Sneaks Pig Onto Cop Cars In Genius Prank

Somewhere, in Vermont's St. Albans penitentiary, there's a prisoner feeling pretty damn good about himself. Not because of a well-formed shiv or a found cigarette, but because of a really sublime prank: he snuck a pig into the state seals that adorn Vermont's police cars.

As we all know, a pig is a slur for the police, hence the zinger. The prison, in addition to license plates and stationery, produces the adhesive seals used on the police cars. The Vermont state seal includes, predictably, a cow, and it is in the pattern of said cow's spots the unknown prison artist incorporated the well-rendered silhouette of a pig. Initial information suggest about 36 decals are already affixed to vehicles.


Good burn, jailbird. Good burn.

(Thanks to everyone for the tip!)

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