Illustration for article titled Venturi Fetish Gets Upgraded Power, Retains Weird Name

A constricted passage though which fluid flows and accelerates while the internal pressure drops and an object or action upon which unreasonably excessive attention or reverence is placed, Venturi Fetish. It's French, who knows. But, it's still a pretty slick car and it's ready to join the quickly expanding field of electric sports cars. Just as the Venturi is going into production, we're hearing news...


...of a more powerful and lighter electric motor will be added to the mix. This motor is tiny at only 77 lbs, but it delivers 300 HP with 280 lb.ft. of torque. Mighty impressive, but then again, it better be for 100,000€. And by today's exchange rate that gives the Fetish a pricetag in 'merican bucks of about $14.2 million dollars. Or something around that.


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