Champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. went to a Saudi Arabian festival earlier this year with his factory-sponsored Ford Mustang. After it ended, the organizers let him have the run of the track to transform some petroleum into speed and smoke.

While a throughly professional effort, there are a few too-close shaves that only add to the entertainment, with the Mustang's rear bumper and a GoPro camera suffering some souvenir damage. Gittin says following the filming, he hung around a bit:

After we finished shooting and we were hot, dusty and dead tired we ended up putting on a impromptu drift day with some of the local's that came to spectate the shoot. I was teaching them how to drift, change tires, different techniques, and they were so pumped up. While there was no pro's to show us the ropes, It reminded me of when I first started, that smile that stays when you link your first drift and the genuine passion to get better and conquer the challenges.

Based on what we've seen of Arabian drifting, anything could help.