Vat a Vagon: Mini Clubman to Debut in Frankfurt

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Jalopnik homeboy Gabe and his Motoring File minions say the new Mini Clubman wagon will be unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show later this year. That's two years since the company introduced the Mini Frankfurt Concept — the prototype of said Clubman at 2005's biannual berraschungsangriff. The company went on to introduce concepts named after the subsequent Geneva, Tokyo and Detroit shows, before going radio silence. But the production model — sporting a few new paint shades, like "Hot Chocolate" — will hit showrooms in Europe this November and early 2008 in the US, following a local debut at the Detroit show.


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I'm not feeling the love for the asymmetrical door treatment.

I love the asymmetry, but it doesn't support a (the?) likely use case: parent driving kids who have to be in car seats in the back seat.

Apparently, the designers thought that the back seat would be first used by the third person in the party, so the passenger (the second person in my little formulation) will open the front door and open the helpful suicide door.

But, with kids, the back seat is often used by the second person in the party. (Think one parent dropping a kid or two at day care.) So, to get the ingress/egress benefit of the mini third door, I as the driver, have to get out my door, open the passenger door, and then open the third door.

Too clever by half (a door).