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We’re all trying to get more exercise, but most of us don’t bring our Acura SUVs along for the ride. A woman attempting to leave the fancy Sheraton Wall Centre hotel in Vancouver on Friday morning ended up getting her steps in, but scrapped the hell out of her SUV in the process.

According to Global News, the unidentified woman cruised past signs for the parking lot and instead took a trip down the stairs towards Hornby Street. Witness Ian Lampman managed to capture her weird journey and posted it on Facebook.

“She stopped halfway down and yelled at bystanders saying, ‘I can’t see. Don’t take pictures of me,’” Lampman told Global News.


Uh, sorry?

Well for someone who couldn’t see where she was going, she didn’t do a terrible job crawling down the stairs. When she reached the street, she signaled before she drove off cause, you know, safety first. She then just drove off, perhaps to look for more urban off-roading adventures. The stairs, and probably the Acura, may have suffered some damage.

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