Valentino Balboni Drifts Namesake Lamborghini 'Til Tires Blow

Illustration for article titled Valentino Balboni Drifts Namesake Lamborghini Til Tires Blow

This video of a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni driven by its test-driver namesake Valentino Balboni shows him mercilessly drifting through the rubber and sparking up the metal reinforcing plies. Mr. Balboni finishes the tires off in a lovely donut. Epic.


[via Teamspeed]

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Balboni is retiring to take up a new position as the new Lime Green Stig. With a lot more smoke, a lot more madness, and a lot more Lamborghini.

This guy needs to be inducted into the Hoon Hall of Fame.