V Eight Planning 620 HP Jensen Interceptor SX

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This is so very cool — V Eight, the guys who renovate and restore Jensens, then load them up with LS2s to create the Jensen Interceptors S, are planning to build the limited-edition, restyled, high-performance Jensen Interceptor SX beginning in 2010. Only 25 copies of the Interceptor SX will be produced, but those few will be a solid block of awesome. Starting with an original Jensen Interceptor, they plan to strip the body off, update the styling, create an all-new interior with more leg room, and, as a finishing touch, drop a 620 HP GM LS7 mill under the bonnet.Orders for the Interceptor SX are being taken now, and the buying price ain't for the faint of heart — £145,000, or right about $266,000 at today's exchange rate. As heart-stopping as that price is, you have to ask yourself: How many orders of magnitude more cool is this than your garden variety Bentley or Lamborghini? Our answer — many. [InnovativeCars]