Drive your supercar in the city, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Except when you decide to be a show off on a posh London street and then hit a couple of cars.

This Aventador crash occurred in London and was caught on camera by a bystander. It doesn't sound like the Lamborghini is going incredibly fast, but it is a narrow street with traffic trying to pull out, like this Mazda5. The 5 pulls out, the Lambo clips it and goes airborne, landing just in time to hit a BMW 3-Series. So that's what happened...

Doesn't look like anyone was hurt in the crash, but it should be another warning as to why you don't drive quickly in your supercar on narrow streets and why you need to be very careful when pulling out where you just can't see all that well.


The driver may also have been trying to show off for the cameras that are omnipresent on an Aventador. There were reports that he had been driving like this for a while on Sloane Street in London, which is basically supercar show off central. Or perhaps a cameraman goaded him into it. This time it just went totally wrong.