Use a Tesla Coil To Defend Your Hyundai Getz

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If you really like your car, and especially if you drive the enviable Hyundai Getz, pay close attention, cause this may prevent the heartache of auto theft. Instead of going with the tried and true (and completely ignored) car alarm, why not go with the latest and greatest in car defense? For such automotive treasures, we recommend the spinning Telsa coil of doom. Thieves will know you mean business as an electric arc traces a circle of death around your noble steed. Okay, so maybe it's not so intimidating when you watch the video below, but that might just be because of the Ninja playing the part of a car thief.


Yes, we know the video is awful and we're sorry we subjected you to it, but come on - a ninja car thief? That's gotta be worth something right? [via TeslaDownUnder]


Rob Emslie

Er, I'll stick with Trunk Monkey®.