US Formula 1: It's Official

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SpeedTV has announced today there will be an official USF1 team based in Charlotte, NC. Exciting times as this is the first time there's been a US-based Formula 1 team in two decades.


Bob Varsha of SpeedTV announced today that the USF1 team will enter Formula 1 in the 2010 season. The car will be designed and built in Charlotte, North Carolina and run by Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor.


The USF1 team says their mission is:

‘to prove that American technology, American drivers and the American competitive spirit can compete and win on the F1 global stage'.

Although the team has yet to make a public decision on drivers or engine suppliers, Danica Patrick has been rumored to be a driver for the team, but only if she can be pried out of her sexy bikini and off of that Shelby Cobra. They plan on taking advantage of the recent F1 cost-cutting measures, which will hopefully allow them to be extremely competitive and run an efficient operation.

[via speed, usf1]

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