US-Bound BMW 1-Series to Be Antidote to 3-Series?

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As well engineered as the BMW 3-Series is, there's no denying it's become quite a bloat float in the past 25 years. If the entry-level (in the US) Bimmer suffers from anything these days, it's a lack of economy, a tendency toward porkage and an Emmitt Smith approach to the dance. I've had countless conversations with car nuts — some of whom would catch a grenade in their teeth for BMW — that ended in, "Of course, if only they would do a new take on the '71 2002, all would be right with the world." According to Automotive News, the new 1-Series coupe on the way to the US is that car — the one to "lure enthusiasts back into the fold." "The 1 series," Rich Brekus, general manager of product planning and strategy at BMW of North America told AN's Rick Kranz, "is the purest BMW we have." And a return to purity is an enthusiast's greatest hope. Right?


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Sigh. BMW just doesn't catch my attention anymore. It's a lawyer-mobile, a lacrosse-mom hauler, a Rodeo-Drive be-seen-in.

Sure, they are fast, sure-footed, etc, but the reason people buy them now is that they are expensive, not because they are capable.

I will bet that the 1 series will sugger the same fate of the 318ti - too many will snicker "ooh you bought the CHEAP one, Buffy" and it will fade away before your very eyes...