Illustration for article titled US Army To Lease 4,000 Electric Vehicles, Swap Slogan For An Army Of Nerds

The United States Army is going to trade in its Humvees and Jeeps for E-Z-Go golf carts and Native American Biofuels electric trucks in an effort to save money and improve the army's average fuel efficiency.


The plan calls for the replacement of typical base vehicles with low speed electric runabouts on Forts across the US. The plan will kickoff next year with 800 EVs being commissioned for service at Fort Belvoir and then expanded to 4,000 of the little buggers over the next three years. This should save an estimated 11.5 million gallons of fuel. The Air Force and Navy have expressed interest in getting on board with the program, so we may have an entire military driving stealthy, nerdy, fuel efficient vehicles. [Army Times via Treehugger]


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