This New Police Light Look Will Make Undercover Cops Harder To Spot

Emergency-light and accessory company Whelen is releasing "smoked lenses" for their LED police lights, adding a little more ominous aggressiveness to the look of their vehicles. Not totally sure if it's meant for style or stealth, but these lights would certainly be easier to hide than other flashers.

Unmarked Cars Just Got Harder To Spot

Whelen Engineering Company, a prominent American manufacturer of emergency lighting products, posted this on their Facebook page today, teasing at a new lens option for some of their products.

Smoked Lenses coming soon.

The interesting thing is that Whelen hasn't confined its tinted lens options to the smaller lights, but instead it offers them even on the new Liberty II Trio seen here at Whelen Night in Louisville, Kentucky ahead of the Police Fleet Expo.

This new option will help to hide the LED lights on unmarked vehicles, although this isn't an entirely new idea. Examples of the same effect being achieved with a tinting spray paint can be seen here:


How will the tint impact light output? Whelen states here that the lenses will be certified SAE Class 1, which is the highest standard for LED emergency lighting. Class 1 is the only class of lights considered appropriate for clearing traffic, so it seems like they should still be bright enough. This certification might be enough to discourage people from going the spray paint route as this way the SAE rating can be maintained.


Images Source: Whelen Engineering Company, Inc.