United Airlines Gets Tight With Carry-on Baggage Enforcement

United Airlines has announced that it will begin strict enforcement of the carry-on luggage rules it already has in place. If you're already at the gate and your bag exceeds the 9 x 14 x 22 inch allowance, you will be forced to pay United's standard $25 checked bag fee at the ticket counter - which means another trip through TSA screening.

The airline has said that while it has has these rules in place for a while, the need for additional enforcement has stemmed from customer complaints that there is no room in the overhead bins for their regulation-size bags, due to others' oversize bags.


It's unfortunate - not that United is enforcing its rules, but that this additional measure by United is required due to travelers' self-entitlement.

Airfarewatchdog.com has an excellent comprehensive list of airline fees here.

Source: The Street

Image: Imgur (Screen shot from Saturday Night Live)

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