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Uninsured $380,000 Lamborghini Aventador Could Be Crushed In England

A purple and orange chrome Lamborghini Aventador was recently seized by British police for being driven without insurance. Now, the car could be crushed, like the much more inexpensive cars that are normally taken.


Police are still waiting to bring charges against the driver, but this isn't the only super sports car that the police have seized. They reportedly have been nabbing a bunch of sports cars lately that are driving around uninsured.


That means you could soon find an Austin Allegro sitting next to an M5 in a British junkyard. Anyone need an alternator off an Aventador? I know where you can get one!

(Hat Tip to Will!)

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Wouldn't it make more sense for the cars to be auctioned off, and the money raised be given to the general tax fund?

Crushing the cars just seems so... senseless. Just like intentionally ruining the engines for Cash for Clunkers...