Shain Gandee is one of the stars of the MTV show Buckwild. Around 3 AM on Sunday morning, Shain and two others left a bar. Now three people, including Shain, were just found dead in a car. (UPDATED)

Details are still coming in, but 21-year old Shain, his uncle David, and another friend (name isn't available yet) were going off-roading on Sunday in Shain's Bronco. They weren't heard from after leaving Larry's Bar in Sissonville, WV around 3 AM on Sunday morning. Shain reportedly made no contact with his family in the 31 hours he was missing.


Shain and two other bodies, including his uncle David, were just found in a vehicle in the Sissonville, WV area. They were reportedly discovered by a man on a four-wheeler, who found three unresponsive people in the vehicle this morning. The truck was in the Wolf Pen Road area of Sissonville.