Unconscious Bloody Woman In SUV Not Dead, Just Pregnant Zombie

I'm sure this has happened to all of us: You're out driving, and you pull up to a stoplight. In the SUV next to you is a bloodied, unconscious woman, face on the steering wheel. Rolling your eyes at the senselessness of it all, you call 911, reporting an apparently shot woman, dead in her car. The cops come, and pull out not a blood-drenched corpse, but a fake-blood drenched very drunk woman dressed as a pregnant zombie.

Then, everyone has a good chuckle, hugs are exchanged, and everyone promises they HAVE to get together next week and get a bite or bowling or something.


That's never happened to you? Really? Because it happened yesterday morning in Birmingham, AL. Well, except for that last part. The woman, in full pregnant zombie costume (she was neither really pregnant nor a zombie) was actually cuffed and arrested on a DUI charge.

Luckily, no one was hurt (they think the fake zombie baby fetus should recover from the alcohol poisoning fine, being a zombie and fake) and the woman seemed to be fairly undaunted, saying "It's all good."


She may want to Google "good" at some point soon.

(Thanks, Skaycog!)

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