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Un Homme Et Une Femme... Et HOONAGE!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Once again, Parisian tipster Franzouse has found us some vehicular madness from French cinema. Here we've got a couple of examples of the work of Claude Lelouch.


Now, Franzouse describes Lelouch's work as "a waste of time depicting the stereotypical life of french bourgeois trying to fight off ennui," and that's pretty much convinced me there's no point in watching these movies all the way through. However, these excerpts are worth watching. First, there was the original Un Homme Et Une Femme in 1966, which featured Jean-Louis Trintignant as a 24 Hours Of Le Mans veteran driving around in an early Mustang; short on hoonage, but that Mustang looks all dirty and mean. Then, there was the sequel, Un Homme et une Femme, 20 Ans Déjà; we can't tell you much about that one, but it's got the following chase sequence made up entirely of cars- much depreciated since 1986- that we now see in many 24 Hours Of LeMons races.