Ultra-Macho NASCAR Championship Orders Its Trophy Plates From Tiffany & Co.

Basics of the world, you’re not alone in your undying love for Tiffany & Co. NASCAR drivers are also coveting a pastel-blue-wrapped piece of Tiffany silver this weekend, as one of Tiffany’s four new shiny nameplates will adorn the Sprint Cup trophy tomorrow.


That is almost way too pretty for a championship known for speeds in excess of 200 mph. Almost. (Almost.)

Just kidding, we need more prettiness in NASCAR. You know what the sport is really missing? Giant bows on cars, bro. Let’s embrace this. If there’s anything that Gulf has proven over the years, it’s that light blues look fantastic on race cars.

Needless to say, slightly more is at stake with these plates than just having the same bracelet as 42 of your sorority sisters. Tomorrow’s season finale will decide which of these drivers wins the championship in NASCAR’s flagship series for 2015 and gets their name added to the trophy once and for all.

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