Ultra-Custom Citroen C2 Demo by SQ Plus

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Six months of work by Manchester UK-based SQ Plus and hundred of thousands of dollars were all that stood between a stock Citroen C2 VTR and the ultra-custom finished product above. A demo for the firm's radical custom work and Alpine audio equipment, the car is worth in the exclusive neighborhood of $180,000, with stereo equipment (that sounds so quaint, no) alone costing around $40,000. The audio portion of the build is a true Alpine showcase, including 20 speakers and 8 subwoofers and 11 amplifiers, generating 15,780 watts — more than enough to turn the interior of an average car to strawberry yogurt. An F1-style single seat aircraft-style steering wheel sits in front of aircraft-style controls, with side-view mirrors replaced by pod-mounted cameras transmitting to TV screens across the dashboard, while the center-rear view is provided by additional camera located in the rear wiper mounting. Check out SQ's online documenting of the build-out here.

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