has just released their idea of the best Nürburgring Nordschleife loop shirt ever envisioned by man. We're wondering what Sabine Schmitz, celebrity Nürburgringer, has to say about that. has just released a new t-shirt featuring the phrase, "20832 Meters That Separate The Men From The Boys!"

If you're an avid Jalopnik reader, you're probably too familiar with Sabine Schmitz, BMW's factory Ring-taxi driver. Schmitz is best known stateside for flinging a Diesel Jag and a Ford Transit van 'round the 'ring on Top Gear and for being very much not a dude. Given she could probably spank most of "The Men" in her full-weight M5 with only one hand.


But barring that aside, "The Green Hell" definitely acts as a sieve, filtering out the poseurs from the pros. Namely, the infamous circuit forces the poseurs to eat Armco with the quickness. So although we salute the sentiment, perhaps the boys at could hit the drawing board again. But, if you're so inclined, you can purchase this shirt here.