Ultimate K-Car: PPG Dodge Twin Turbo Interceptor

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Although based on an eighties Dodge Daytona which is technically a G-platform, the Indy World Series Dodge Pace Cars nonetheless represent the apex of K-platform engineering. A Chrysler 2.2L topped with a Cosworth twin-cam head served as the mid-engine heart of this eighties automobile of the rear-drive future. Twin turbos helped the mill create 440 horsepower. An even more futuristic version of these cars known as the M4S Turbo Interceptor starred in The Wraith alongside Charlie Sheen. Though a slew of the cars were built for the movie, the M4S was never put into anywhere near production. Gullwing doors made for star quality egress

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I always thought it was utterly moronic that they left the goddamn Chrysler Pentastar on the nose of the movie car. Nice to know that if you ever come back from the dead as a bloodthirsty vigilante wraith, Chrysler's got your transpo needs covered.