UK's Telegraph Prints Touching Colin McRae Obituary After Rally Driver's Tragic Helicopter Crash

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This image was lost some time after publication.

The folks at UK's Telegraph have a touching obit up on Colin McRae, the rally champ whose life, and the life of his young son were tragically cut short yesterday in a helicopter crash near his home in Scotland. It's worthwhile reading for all. [via]


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Mad Maxxis

remember this is the man solely responsible for putting the blue and gold of the subaru world rally team in the minds of boy racers the world over.

i vividly remember waiting for him to approach the steep downhill section at the bunnings stages (perth round of the WRC) and f**k me he didn't disappoint. where others would tread carefully he was flat out. the images i'll never forget. for those that werent there, there's always youtube...