It's far from the most attractive station wagon ever made, but to us that's a large part of the malaise quirk and charm of the 1977 Chrysler Lebaron Town & Country. Just don't tell the ultra serious Chrysler spokesman also featured in this vintage commercial.


The Town & Country wasn't just an ugly station wagon to Frank Converse, the actor featured in this Chrysler ad, or if it was he did a fantastic job hiding it. From making the case for why the T&C had consistently been a standard of luxury (we'd say it was "the look of authentic hand crafted wood") to explaining exactly why the car was unique (there was still only one Town & Country) it certainly seemed like Converse was dead serious.

When it comes to wood grain malaise era wagons we're also somewhat serious. That's precisely why we wouldn't settle for anything less than the unique looks and possible slant six power plant of the Town & Country.

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