It's always fun doing your hoonage when you're on The Man's clock; most of us have had some fun times with forklift races, delivery-truck donuts, etc. But when you're doing it as part of your job- in this case, to advertise St. Paul's Apex Auto Salvage- well, that takes it to a whole new level. Imagine it- a runner shows up at the yard and the call goes out to set up the ramp! Here's a flat-tired Maxima getting some decent air. But wait, there's more...

Here's Gabe getting some five-star hang-time in a mid-80s Celica.


And, since you have a big forklift, might as well use it on the Celica!

And, saving the best for last, Tom and Tony are co-winners of the Workplace Hoon Of The Week Award with this spectacular Dodge Kustom Van leap. Note how Gabe's Celica is now part of the ramp. Ja, you betcha!


Hoon Of The Day: The VW Hippie Bus Can Jump! [internal]

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