UAW Vice President Accidentally Shoots Wife While Cleaning Gun

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Investigators in Macomb County say the wife of General Holiefield, the United Auto Workers' vice president, was shot in the stomach Monday night while Holiefield was cleaning a Desert Eagle handgun.


Monica Morgan, Holiefield's wife and a noted local photographer who, among other things, was Rosa Parks' personal photographer in her final years and a mentor to several up-and-coming photographers in Metro Detroit, is recovering from her injuries, police say. Holiefield has not returned comment to the media about the incident.

Police say Holiefield was cleaning the gun when it discharged. The Macomb County Prosecutors' Office will continue to investigate.


Holiefield, who is retiring from the UAW in June, became a popular figure around Detroit during the automakers' roughest years, taking hardline stances in favor of his fellow union workers while the Detroit Three re-negotiated contracts with thousands of employees. He and Morgan recently celebrated their first anniversary.

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David Ruddock

A desert eagle? And she survived? Must not have been the .50AE.