Tyrese, who is famous for many things that you totally know off the top of your head, owns a Sprinter van with Rolls Royce badges on it. And now it's for sale. On Instagram. A well known car sales site.

The Sprinter itself is decked out with an RR emblem and a Spirit of Ecstasy. Even though Rolls is owned by cross-German rival BMW. Maybach badges would probably be more appropriate, and Tyrese, who was in The Fast And The Furious, should know better.


The sale does sound noble though. He wants people to DM him offers (how could that go wrong?!) and he'll donate some proceeds to charity.

Hurry up though, his new Sprinter is coming in just a few weeks, this bad boy needs to move. Maybe we should buy it?

Hat tip to Erin over at Jezebel!

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