As part of a bizarre ad campaign, Renaultsport got Margot Laffite (F1 driver Jacque Laffite's daughter) to lap the ‘Ring in a Twingo RS with a fetching young lady onboard holding a goldfish. Attention goldfish, nous approchons le Carrousel!


Truth be told, the goldfish didn't look particularly upset by the whole "oh no, there's water splashing everywhere" affair, but we were really worried for the little guy.

We're glad to see a lady behind the wheel as opposed to the usual boobs-in-a-car videos we come across. And if you thought this video was particularly cheesy, the precedent for hokey gags was set on their first challenge to Facebook fans where a bunch of French hipsters silently watched them go car-bowling in a warehouse.


(Hat tip to _Mécanicien!)

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