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​Two Trees Stopped This Plane After An Emergency Landing

Few things manage to combine exhilaration and terror more than your first flight lesson. This one (ahem) lands in the latter camp.


According to the video's description (translated from Hebrew), the student and his instructor took off from the northern Israel town of Megiddo in a Cessna 152 and were over the Aufla when they encountered engine trouble. The instructor took the controls and managed to land in an abandoned field, but he wasn't able to scrub off enough speed. Barreling towards a small gully, the instructor – with some amazing aim – slotted the plane between two trees, but it wasn't quite wide enough. The plane comes to a halt when the wings smash into the foliage, and apparently that was the only damage done, save for two new pairs of underwear.

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Ron from Coarsegold

They both seemed very calm and collected considering the circumstances. Respect.