Two New Ferraris Destroyed In Exotic Rally Crash On Dangerous Chinese Road

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The automotive community in China is still pretty young. Combine that with a booming economy, and inexperienced drivers are getting some pretty fast and tough to drive cars.

That's not a good combination, and it all came together over the weekend when two brand new Ferraris met each other, and not in a friendly way. It was in a very crashy way.

Reportedly, a convoy of Ferraris was traveling near Shaanxi in Northwest China on what appears to be the Ansai segment of the Baomao Expressway when two of them went out of control.

The 458 Spider and California collided with each other, and it looks like the crash was at an exceptionally high speed. The cars are barely recognizable, and when you have a Ferrari V8 sitting on the highway sans car, you know it's serious.

While there is currently no word on injuries to the people in these cars, the Baomao Expressway is no stranger to terrible crashes. In September, seven people were killed in an accident on the Luochuan segment, while an unbelievable 36 people were killed on the Yan'an segment in August.

(Hat Tip to Damian!)