Two Loaded Beer Trucks Hijacked In Ultimate Party Foul

In what might be the most dastardly and/or brilliant criminal scheme ever undertaken, thieves made off with two beer trucks loaded with $70,000 worth of suds or 37,260 pilfered beers.

The theft was discovered in the early hours of the morning at Tampa Bay area trucking company K&N Trucking, where two semi trucks loaded with beer were found to be missing. The two trucks were loaded with 2,250 six-packs of Corona Extra and 990 cases of Modelo Especial worth approximately $70,000. So far police have only been able to recover the semi tractors with no leads on the whereabouts of the trailers and their ice-cold occupants. Somewhere in Tampa, it's not beer-thirty. (H/T goes out to goatrope) [St. Petersburg Times]


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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