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Two Great Nations Separated By a Common Idiocy

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Americans take horribly large trucks (H2s, Excursions, etc) and make 'em bigger, while our British cousins (apparently) do the same thing with Ford Transits. Only instead of being able to transport an entire water polo team plus dates to the junior prom and back, the stretched van only seats seven passengers. Is that luxury, or insanity? And petrol prices being what they are in the land of hope and glory and silent pubs, the builder (FoMoCo themselves) retained the stock 2.2L diesel. Wait.... diesel is not petrol, is it? What's that? Diesel costs more than petrol now? Ha ha — take that you Queen lovers! Naturally, we just got off the phone with Sabine Schmidt and she's saying ten minutes flat, no problem.


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You guys should see if you can get Sabine to do a regular feature for Jalopnik. Preferably on video.