Two Baltimore Cop Cars Crash Into Each Other For Some Reason

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Last night, in Baltimore, two police cars crashed into each other at the corner of E. Lafayette and St. Paul Streets, with both officers, fortunately, getting out in good condition. Why the two police cars slammed into each other seems unknown, but I’m sure it made sense at the time?


Video taken by a witness after the event shows both cars quite badly banged up, with one Ford police car wedged against a street sign pole that was knocked over in the wreck.

There’s no mention of a chase or a suspect in the area or anything that might explain dangerous driving, so at the moment no one outside of two very likely nervous police officers knows for sure what went down.

The local CBS affiliate, WJZ13, had a story on it with an interview with a helpful witness, but even the witnesses weren’t clear about the cause of the wreck.

Maybe one cop was speeding and saw the other cop in their rearview and panicked until they remembered, hey, I’m a cop too, but by that time it was too late and boom?

Just a theory.

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Were they chasing some blues musicians?