Artūro and Andriaus Kosovo are not your average car thieves. Until apprehended, the Lithuanian brothers pulled off their heists in a 4.8-liter turbocharged Audi with bulletproof doors and tires.

The Lithuanian gang’s car was a 1996 Audi S6, fitted with the 4.2-liter engine from a first-generation Audi S8, which was bored to 4.8 liters then further boosted with turbochargers. The tires, at $2000 each, were bulletproof enough to allow travel at 40 mph even when hit.

Add to that the bulletproof padding in the door frames and you get the brothers’ mean machine, perfect for their MOD: tow stolen cars away at high speed, then get to work on the electronics at a safe distance.


As for how high that speed was, it has emerged that the Grand Theft Audi was once caught on speed camera, towing a Honda Civic at 140 mph.

Special thanks to Jalopnik reader Simonas for pointing out the story and helping with the Lithuanian original. Photo Credit: Delfi