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Twitter User Accidentally Captures Image Of Boeing 777 Crash [UPDATE]

Illustration for article titled Twitter User Accidentally Captures Image Of Boeing 777 Crash [UPDATE]

This unverified photo from Twitter user @stefanielaine appears to show the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash at San Francisco International Airport. Of course, we'll update you as we get more information.


just realized I have a picture of the actual crash. holy fucking shit.

— stefanielaine (@stefanielaine) July 6, 2013

UPDATE: Stefanielaine, real name Stefanie Turner, said that it came in at a bad angle, "rolled multiple times," and then broke apart.


UPDATE #2: Numerous eyewitnesses are saying the tail struck first, and there was no indication of any problem before the crash:

@Ballaban tail was way too low and struck first. I can’t say whether it was in trouble before. ABC hypothesizing the pilot came in short…

— stefanielaine (@stefanielaine) July 6, 2013

UPDATE #3: Two people are dead and 61 are injured out of 291 passengers on the flight, according to the San Francisco Fire Department.

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I'm not buying the "rolled multiple times" part. The plane is reasonably intact and if it went through stresses like that, it would be in a million more pieces.